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Thread: Anyone Willing To Take The Time To Rip A Dvd

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    should get the props, I hve only ripped one, to get it looking good and HDTV quality is a task.......but K-9 cop? To who ever ripped K-9 cop you steped up to the plate and truly deserve your place in the encoding hall of fame. Thats takin' one for the team!

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    Did I miss something?

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    yes, its called sarcasm

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    nearly every dvd movie i get i rip onto my harddrive as VCD, and they are ( believe it or not ) almost as good as normal dvd's, well, what u expect they take me 12hours to rip, they might as well be good quality.

    i just cant be bothered sharing them, because i have 56k, and noone every finishes downloading em from me. as soon as i get cable, ill start sharing em.

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    It doesn't matter that you only have 56k connection. The whole point of p2p programs is to share the files. I guess I can't rant to much about sharing my poor computer only has 10 gigs and only 3 gigs to spare for sharing but i have a cable connection.


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