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Thread: Problem Installing Crack Enter The Matrix

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    Well the installation went smoothly, and i patch the NEW crack that came out recently and still i'm having problems, "Matrix.exe - Unable to locate component" : This application has failed to start because d3d9.dill was not found.

    is that the new direct x 9 i'm missing?

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    First look into the README file, sometimes this contains al list of needed .DLL's, if not you will need to download another crack, Normaly it wouldn't be that you don't have DirectX 9.0, that ERROR wil be displayd most times in the console or in a special POPUP window with the message that sounds like "DirectX 9.0 not installed/required/missing".
    But normally it's just a BAD crack, check your version, i hope you made a copy of the original .exe of your game.

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    Actually I figured it out. It need dirext x 9, wudd ya know! The game's fantastic...there's in game movies......daz cool, and there's a menu where u can hack the matrix etc. played only the first 15 mn.

    The new crack that came out fixes the 4th bin file, in the process it does modify the file itself. The first thing you think you do is run the crack. Then install the game. The patch up the matrix.exe

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    Where did you get Matrix Reloaded?

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    DId you get Enter the Matrix off Kazaa??
    yes I heard the game is pretty good. I've been having problems with downloading the game off edonkey or bittorent. If you got it off kazaa, could you give me info on the file sizes thx.
    And ish there many ppl sharing it???

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    I got this error message when starting the game "DEVICE NOT CREATED 2", what it means???

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    I have the same problem as K-Light, any suggestions?
    Strange, I saw on the sharereactor forum that is has something to do with your refreshrate. If you're using refreshlock or something, you should disable it. The strange part is that now I can play at 800*600 and 1600*1200 but not 1024*768 etc
    But hey, It runs the first level smoothly at 1600*1200 so why should I bother? B)


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