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Thread: please help

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    hi guys

    iv got a weird prob.. just installed vista rc2 5744

    i use grabit to download from my newgroup, grabit is set to download files to c:, program files, grabit, downloads although the disk space is going down, my files are not in the folder.. I'v searched the whole comp and nothing.. its like they are not there but disk space decreases. iv also changed the folder grabit uses to put the files and nothing also.

    any help would be much appreciated.


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    sorry wrong area

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    Maybe they will appear when they have finished, is there some temp cache that you have overlooked? I don't know, but RealitY should
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    Hmm this sounds like a strange problem I haven't tried Vista yet so maybe there is some sort of problem with running Grabit on Vista I don't know, I never had 1 problem while using Grabbit, besides sometimes it hogs some resources, but never a software problem, maybe try another newsreader?

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    never installed vista before so I cant help ya sorry

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    Try setting your folder options to "show hidden files and folders".

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    the stm version is out


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