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Thread: Three Word Story So Far.....

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    By Wolfmight
    and all other K++ buddies

    A man once had a dinner and found out he was dead.
    Later that day,
    Bender just appeared, Revived him.
    Forest Animals danced a lascivious liplock while drinking irish and animals danced ,
    in particular,
    Hobbes realized he was already in hell because he had seen several evil while downloading from the naked news

    The next day... he felt like having tainted beer .
    Empowered by passion and something else... came after him from the rear, it had antlers and rusted forceps with a huge Mug of Beer and tiny robots with flashing lights that would cause a temporary blindness with itching reactions!!!!!!!!!!!!! in certain areas... .

    The Kangaroo Court was a good.. peice of pie , cherry pie, apple of my eye burned, yet tasted like chicken and induced projectile vomiting and hamburgers.
    Showing little regard for what he does when he's alone or when hes with a woman twice his size
    and had a fetish for meaty ,sweaty, foolishly disgusting.. hapless forum posters.
    Like infested cats that bit off J2K4s' rather small [test...] icicles.
    Which killed him while eating dinner of something very spicy and bold
    The end of the constipation

    Riddler said, before.....the convulsions started under his green butt, he farted and out popped Andrew Lloyd Webber and Micheal Flatley,
    If he just could remember the first dinner that big boobed girl chewed for him, everything would be like that time She blew me red balloon insideThe Baffoon Shop Red Fire truck..,
    and everything i one's believed is just a dream.
    That donkeys kill mice is well-known
    “waa waa waa” screamed the mouse at evil Skweeky who grinned eavily at poor mouse, that hided behind a cheeez mountain or greased furnace that i ate.

    But evil Skweeky went crazy and Stole Curley’s whip money to buy a magical broom, a large box, a non-pirated CD were 3 things he never thought would destroy the Warlock!
    But now the real evil Petitioned for amnesty in an ancient quarrel between morally wrong, nuclear squirals but undoubtedly puzzled and shure to settle this possession of the holy meaning...
    Whatever that cat dragged in isn't my mother!
    but then again...
    Who gives a flying fuck man…
    He was stupid and ate a cow and killed the tripple poster who still says we need porn so Frodo can kill the spammer with a huge monster, rubbery, bouncing, slithery, milk man holding his enormous shovel and digging in the dirt he thinks...,
    “SHIT! i missed the goddamn spammer”,
    so he kills badgers but eats burgers, while singing his favorite lullaby.

    Suddenly out of nowhere
    “you guys arn’t verry nice about my tripple posting”.
    So, I slapped the gay man.

    A large trout, forgot about that large marital aid & said;
    “what the hell is more satisfying than a big loaf of bread? Maybe a large big dildo? with dancing wombles shovelling triple posters Oversoaping my ass with some bricks”

    The Warlock Casted Magic Porn on wolfmight’s body and then he...
    enjoyed it alot
    Curley's whip mastered all who gazed at the porn... but not the paint drying on... the spider’s tush that was gold plated and very spider farted poisen onto the eyes of "mr.Fuh K. Me" chineseman who was a big hot girl that wolfmight likes.
    That titfuck wolfmight and dumps on a speeding car that is ugly ,
    so Car pulled over
    Driver went GTA3style onto a cop's windshield.
    Then stole a flying boat which broke down and wept uncontrollably like a sad Billy Bob’s cousin molested riddler until riddler started to excrete from every single sweaty, dirty crab infested opening, And riddler said ,
    "What the FUCK?! is that? ahhh! ....think you broke the nun’s jaw ,so she wanted Jake and Elwood but they ran towards the steaming Fatman named Bungholicausto ...t.p. (tp means toliet paper) flowing from His Greasy-Fat Hands, that clenched onto his atomic anus which then expelled”

    ...10 years later
    the man went and committed suicide.

    So, Britney, the really hot chick said,
    “I'm actually having plastic surgery and a penius enlargement my breasts especially for Wolfy” shouting
    “i'm CORNHOLIO yaa...heh. heh. Need T.P for you guessed it....... my bum hole!”

    Tree moon camel, went up the camel toe mountain
    and jumped on the phallic symbol but the size was too big even lubricant didn't slide straight in so we stopped to get our act together and ....
    rolled a big fat man downhill, he bounced greesey and suddenly remembered this was liposuction.

    The new born midget.., amazed.. but still scared and very mentally insaine got up and found he was abducted by aliens!
    His body strapped to a slab of frozen spaggeti felt cold but somewhat arrousing.
    The straps broke..,
    and midget jumped on the passing Dragon that looked like his older sister
    .... or... did it..?
    The Dragon snatched the midget by his tiny little ..
    (cough).. his large elastic pool cue.
    The midget quickly turned, jumps off the purple dinosaur and sliced it's cucumber into two exact same pieces!
    midget enlarged its.. third arm to masterbate the dragon , a precautionary measure turned out to... cum the dragon
    Finally Free!
    A bird swooped and pooped on him.
    He said
    “Delete last post”
    but he meant,
    “argh. Edit: Typo”
    so he did.

    Meanwhile in the town "Gothmok"
    the Brave bold hero confronted Gothman..., and drank tainted beer but thinking:
    What? He's NOT dead?
    then thinking:
    "Maybe... Got a short but meaningful idea should give head but not sure
    what the hell is that!!!?”

    Table Brain Car raced around the girl's changing room, stumbled over her panties and broke into little bitty liquid pieces..,
    then pulled a p90, shot Gothman and Went to Disneyland .
    Once there, Mickey disguised as Gothman started licking mens... ice cream unconsciously.
    Then realized
    he ehm.. just had to make it melt together again!
    Mickey felt a young swedish student just in reach of his arms . His arms spread out wide then into the unforgiving... sea urchin’s mouth and then he swallowed it whole .
    It tasted like smelly off children who drank meths and tainted beer and VLADIGOOD vodka . He fell onto a very hard fossilized trex poo and realized immediately..
    i'm in deep shit!
    Rushed to His computer screaming.
    “That was 5 years ago a giant shmuck"
    and tripple quoted which caused severe (whatever) brain injury

    (Ended at Last post on Page 24)

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    Someone has way too much time on their hands...

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    so how soon can we expect this to be published? just curious B)

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    Nice Avatar btw!
    Great issn't it?

    The story gets more weird every time!
    But you have a lot to do zedaxax.. we are at page 91 now... find the time if you can and add the rest of it okay?

    Infested cats did the same thing btw.
    I don't know how far he got with the story?

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    Originally posted by ShareActor+12 May 2003 - 16:31--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (ShareActor @ 12 May 2003 - 16:31)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'>
    Nice Avatar btw&#33;
    Great issn&#39;t it?

    The story gets more weird every time&#33;
    But you have a lot to do zedaxax.. we are at page 91 now... find the time if you can and add the rest of it okay?

    Infested cats did the same thing btw.
    I don&#39;t know how far he got with the story?



    Nice Avatar btw&#33;
    Where&#39;s that quote from?&#33;

    If you mean my avatar then thanks and how you doin&#39;?

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    Where&#39;s that quote from?
    If you mean my avatar then thanks and how you doin&#39;
    Hahaa nice try Lamsey&#33;
    She was talking about the mask like Avatar from zedaxax&#33;

    But she asks: Did you use your picture as your Avatar Lamsey?
    You look a bit like Mathew Broderick and she loves him

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    Quick Tip:
    You can goto your kazaalite controls section and set the limit of posts to show per page to it&#39;s maximum, turn off signatures, etc and this would really make it allmost like copy-n-pasteing whole pages.

    The way this thing twists is super crazy lol

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    seems like we&#39;ve forgotten about THIS: The Compiled 3 World Story

    I stopped because it was getting TOO.. DAMN.. LONG&#33;&#33; lol

    I stopped on page 39.


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