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Thread: Postal 2

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    I have downloaded Postal 2 the torrent file....

    When i open it in Winrar there are no options to install
    the game?

    The size of each file is 15,000,000??

    Can anyone help?


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    what files is it in it??
    Is it a .BIN and a .CUE file?

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    Yeah managed to find those files...

    But when i go to extract the bin file it says a volume is missing?

    Any ideas?

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    I have burned the cue file using Nero....

    But when i go to run the disc nothing happens?

    Do i need to have the bin and cue on the same disc


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    Right i have installed the game and nothing happens?

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    you have to edit the .CUE file to the path to your .BIN,here is a guide which tells you how to do it.
    Burn a .BIN using Nero


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