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Thread: Torrent trackers for games

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    can anyone advise me on what trackers are decent for games?...(xbx 360)?

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    try xbox-sky ( or blackcats games ( I'm not sure if they're open for registration though. I know for blackcats you'll need an invite. I can trade you one. PM me and let me know what you have trade wise.

    EDIT: check that, you'll need to be a member for at least a month and have made 5 posts in order to be making invite requests. After that, go to the Invite section and post on there.
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    bookmark this site and make it ur homepage
    it opens a number of times a day, maybe every hour or so, for 5 mins.
    after looking about i've found this site probably has the best selection of games.

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    thanks guys...very helpful...i got signed up at the 1st attempt! (blackcats)
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    great site! thanks for the url!

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    I think that blackcat games is really good and i was suprised at it when i first saw it.
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    i have used blackcats for a while now its a really good site for games . always has what i need

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    I think Underground Gamer is the best tracker for old games

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    thanks for the url


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