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    All right guys, I am looking for one of the rarest sites i know of, and im not going to tell you what i have here in public, only because I dont want the sites i do have to get disabled for any reason whether stated in each site's faq or rules, i feel that it is better to be safe than sorry. I'm not like everyone else that uses the phrase "ive got a lot to offer" and offer something like demonoid or something of that nature, i have a few rare sites that you may be interested in.

    I am looking for a **-* account.

    PM me if you have what i am looking for (with proof) and i will tell you what i have in return. I do not really want any posts here for the same reason that i did not post my sites, i do not want anyone to get banned or disabled because they accidentally forgot to blur out their name on any certain website. But, if you feel it is completely necessary, I will also be checking this thread periodically.

    EDIT- I now have iPLAY, thanks to everyone, still looking for **-* though

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    bump. I have also opened this up to other RARE sites (not TL, DM, Devil Torrents, and others) that i may not have, see specifications above for how to post on this thread and contact me, thanks!

    Still looking for **-*!


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