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Thread: X-men 2

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    I am tryin 2 download X-Men 2, but cant find it anywhere!!!

    I noticed that sum ppl put links on here but none of them seem to work??

    any help plz!!

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    yeah im having this problem 2 - lots of links that dont take you anywhere!

    ive only got kazza lite - anyone rekon i need to change to somthin eles?

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    I've got Kazaa lite to, and the links say sumat like page cannot be displayed!

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    after much reading i think we need to download it in bits and put it back together after - buit i aint got a scoobie where the bits are or HOW you put em back together - gutted.

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    I know that ya can use TMPGEnc to merge them

    but i cant get any links to work!!

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    ive done a search on IRC (thats what the buzz word is for these alternative means of getting stuf)

    and i think i may have found it.....if you like try and get it from me....username biftarolla.

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    So ya mean just do a search and look for ur username?

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    gimmie one tick and ill explain what ive got.....

    ahh bollox it wont work anyhow...look for this file.


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    guys if you had just taken a moment to look in the verifieds it was there within the second day of ciculation

    and of course you should have just visited the bittorent site cause thats where it all kicked off ( again i think these sites are pinned.

    hope you finally got it

    just remeber follow the tips above and hopfully you will have the new ones sooner next time

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    yeah ive just sussed the verifieds.....but ive got it now anyways...i dont mind a few subtitles!

    hey buzzin its well worth reading the section on how to use sig2dat (its in the verified section) and that will help to use them links that dont work.....they dont work cos they are links that you copy and paste into sig2dat and then re-start kazza and "hey presto" your already downloading the fukka!

    just in case you cant find it...

    How to use Sig2Dat to download files (hash)

    A Sig2Dat hash looks like this for example:

    File: Friends - 101 - Pilot.avi
    Length: 117977088 Bytes, 115212KB
    UUHash: =S8hsFRuHtrQFq58jEhj+ofMudZI=

    To download this file, do the following:

    1) Start Sig2Dat
    2) Select the whole hash and copy it (press [Ctrl] + [c])
    3) In Sig2Dat click on 'Paste from Clipboard'
    4) (Re-)start KaZaA Lite

    How to use Sig2Dat to download files (quicklink)

    A Sig2Dat quicklink looks like a normal hyperlink.

    To download the file, do the following:

    1) Click on the link (sig2dat will start and add it to your downloads)
    2) (Re-)start KaZaA Lite

    Note: the quicklinks on this forum don't work completely correct. When the quicklink is opened up in a new windows you will see an error message.
    Remove 'http://' from the front of the URL that you see in the addressbar of your browser. Also remove any quotes (") (if present) from the beginning and end of the URL. After that press Enter to load the correct URL. Sig2dat will start correctly now.

    now thats what im talkin about.

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