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Thread: How comes i'm connectable to some sites and not to other ones??

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    How comes i'm connectable to some sites and not to other ones??

    im connectable to but not to bitspyder

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    Have no idea....maybe you should try using different ports on the trackers you cannot connect to.
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    look in the lower right corner of your utorrent client, if the sign is green, you should be connectable, if its yellow or red, youre not connectable.

    the trackers may also sometimes give false status to you, as unc. when are are in fact conn. , or the other way around, BUT if utorrent says u're connectable u have nothing to worry about what the trackers say, the peers will connect to you anyway

    ps. i dont think ports have anything to do with this

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    I'm having a bit of the same problem... On Demonoid and Oink, I'm completely connectable Peers and seeds, however on TVJ I can connect to seeds, but not peers...

    Which is really killing the ratio. I've even uploaded 3-4 of my own torrents, which all have peers that I can't connect too..

    One of the regulars on TVJ hopped on one of the torrents and was able to connect to me, but that is the only connection I made to that tracker... I know for a fact that all my network forwarding is right considering I can seed on other sites... This is extremely weird..

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    if your cliet says your connectable..then you are..its a bug in the code that says you arent...

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    if natcheck ( shows you connectable, then you're setup properly. it could also be that you're using an ip blocking program (peer guardian/protowall) and it's blocking the server from testing your port for connectivity. I've had that problem with revtt and another site in the past. or it could just be a bug in their code, like PooBar mentioned.


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