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Thread: Need static IP kinda thing...

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    so im using a dynamic IP address and want to be able to use VNC to remotely login to my system from the office. ive heard of something, i think a DNS server or something, which allows me to have some form of static means of logging in to the machine. can anyone point me in the direction of where i can find something like this?

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    you should use dynamic DNS service like dyndns or no-ip

    Once u register on one of these sites u can choose a domain name for urself and use a client (can be downloaded from the sites) that will make sure that your IP will always be mapped to this DNS name.
    So when your IP changes, the client you downloaded will make sure that the DNS name u use will always be updated to match your current IP address and allow you access

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    perfect, thats exactly what i need. is there any need to be concerned with security?

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    no, not any greater risk than just using vnc
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