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Thread: Mac...Mac....Mac?

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    I get sick of defending my computers from the virus and trojan makers and i start thinking i should just get a Mac and be safe. But now that the Macs are running Intel processors are they safe? Enlighten me please...

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    running intel processors doesn't affect Mac security at all.
    However switching to macs just for the security thing seems a bit extreme to me. Depending on how you use your computer the lack of software can be a pain in the arse. (e.g. you won't be able to get some games, might have difficulty getting some p2p networks, etc.)

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    i think a PC is more flexible, yes, but i use my computer for two things mainly...archiving photos and digital music. i dont like worrying how long my system will last. its usually about a year between reformats historically, for me at least.

    so from what ive heard a Mac is much more stable.

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    if you want to save the money you could just install linux. If your hard drives are fat32 formatted then you wouldn't have to transfer your data either

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    The only reason I prefer PCs to MAC are the unlimited softwares =]; macs look pretty but who said you couldn't skin your PC to look like it with window blinds =] and object dock. I've used MACs in school and I find them pretty annoying. My friend couldn't even figure out how to drag a file into my flash drive for 5 mins today and he has a MacBook Pro. Its a real shame. MACs are definitely more stable tho but their also a lot more pricey.

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    Apple OSX is better than Windows XP?
    never...never...and never! Windows WOOP YE ASS!
    OSX has caused me more annoyance than Windows ever will.
    I used a VERY fast Apple OSX system at the campus last year...and you gatta admit...THAT THING WAS FAST (Fastest Dual Processors at the time, 4GB Ram, 3TB storage) but the only problem was that it's was hardly the stable system! That bastard crashed on my ass let's see...20 times? Not just a glitchy software crash either, I'm saying the whole damn system would restart! They said the machine was pre-built by apple too! Besides that, Final Cut Pro busted the "WTF, GONE!" crash on me around 10 times too. What I mean by the "WTF, GONE!" crash is basicly when the program completely closes without any error message, reason, or pretty much any kind of warning whatsoever! (doesn't save either! ****ing B****!)
    I rarely get the "WTF, GONE!" crash on XP.
    Yes, maybe that system was just bad luck...but we had 20 older OSX systems in the class too. Every one of them was slllllllllllllllowwwwww. I was told they were formatted once a year, but told them to do it every 3 months. Besides, I never have to format my PC running XP until...what, 2-3 years. Heh, I actually went 4 once.
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    I would prefer to get Linux if security is the Only reason ..

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    I run a mac, and whenever I need to I switch to Windows. There are so few programs that I need to use that require windows now that there is no security risk in windows, and I stay in Mac OS X almost the entire time.


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