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Thread: Xp Pro - No Sound!

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    Hi , I downloaded and installed xp pro 2600 corporate , only to find i now have no sound.
    I have a soundblaster 4.1 card which i cannot install the drivers for.
    I downloaded the latest drivers from Creative in case the Cd ones were no good and my system says i have no card installed!.
    I disabled the on board sound on the motherboard in Bios so it didn't conflict with SB.
    I updated the Bios hoping this would sort it.No good.
    The SB. card worked with ME but i have been all around the houses trying to get this to work.
    Please help i don't want to have to re-install ME again.

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    Did you check to see that your SB card was compatible with XP? Not all devices are, that may be a possibility. If compatible, try removing the drivers, remove the device via Device Manager, reboot and let XP find and recommend drivers for it. Unless of course you have he latest drivers availalbe to plug in when asked.

    You may want to do a search and see if the SB card you have works with XP before going through these steps.

    To Remove sound card:
    Right click 'My computer'
    Select 'Properties'
    Choose 'Hardware' tab
    Select 'Device Manager'
    Under 'Sound, Video and Game Controllers' uninstall all that will allow you to by right clicking on devices

    Reboot only after removing all....................
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    I had similar problems with 3.1 soundcard with XP.

    No sound was the usual result. Unfortunately, I cannot remember exactly what it was I did to solve it, but it was something lurking in the BIOS settings that wasn't altogether clear at first.

    Much gnashing, wailing and thumping later, I now have half-decent sound.

    Although occasionally, every once in a blue moon, my speakers just hiss constantly. Reboot solves that though.

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