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Thread: Creating DVDs/VCDs and SVCDs

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    Okay I'm new at this.
    I used to just download and burn onto cdr music videos.
    Now I want to try to burn dvd's. I have downloaded a number of movies, and tried to burn using nero or dvd movie copy.... all the one's downloaded are avi. The software wont let me copy/burn without Converting....which has taken hours, crashes and overall no joy.
    Anyone have any better ideas?

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    After downloading a movie (Monsters Inc) I copied it to a DVD but my other DVD player would not recognise th DVD. Why?

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    Forgive me for stating the obvious, but you do realize that you can't just burn a DivX movie to a CD and expect it to play in a CD player, right? You have to convert it to VCD format first, and then it will play in most DVD Players. As for converting to VCD, you'll have to consult Google with that one, because I've never done it. You may find a guide at

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    cant understand why this is here should be in movieworld or softwaresworld

    No there is not any other way, if u want to play it on your DVD player it has to be converted to MPeg-1 or Mpeg-2

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    I've had the same problem. This morning I found a software product that says it converts AVI to MPEG. I have not tried it yet. The cost is $30.00. If you want to try it here is the link: Product is called WinMPG Video Convert v2.9. I guess I'll risk the $30.00 since I have already tried several products and so far nothing else worked.

    You can also investigate this further by going to and doing a search on "convert avi to mpg". This brings up several discussion topics on this issue. It will also lead you to the web site I named above.

    Let me know how you turn out and I'll keep you posted on my results.

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    use microsoft media encoder its free download from microsoft...

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    its the best conversion tool....
    convert directly to dvd/svcd/vcd

    -open a new session
    -select convert a file (ok)
    -select input
    -select output
    -et voil'a
    -do the rest your self

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    Will windows media encoder allow me to copy movies by using a CD burner without converting to MPEG?

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    u must convert! no convertion no dvd

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    You'll find all the help and programs you need to Burn VCD and SVCD at VCDhelp

    Moving this to movieworld.....

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