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Thread: Hd films

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    Hi I'm new to this forum and I'm realy impressed.

    Does anybody know the best place to get High defenition material films series like planet earth etc.?


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    Thanks riceboy

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    how do you download the nzb files

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    I have a question. Does HD content require anything different to burn than say a regular DVD? Any special kind of software? I'm very interested in getting HD content but don't want to waste the time if I don't have what I need to make it.

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    From the site newsbin you have to pay to download.

    Most of the High defenition conten available is encoded with matriska rapper or avi wich in fact it's not true hd but it realy improves picture quality and to play this files all you need to have is the right codecs

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    Hi exarmysgt to play you'll generally need:

    - CoreAVC
    - An audio decoder (ffdshow, AC3 codec etc.)
    - A TS splitter, I use Haali media splitter
    - A decent PC

    To burn you just burn them as files on a DVD.

    Hope it helps.

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    Much obligued for the info. Thanks for your time.


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