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Thread: Windows Loghorn Or 2003 Server

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    you can both of those from

    You need to Download BitTorrent in order to download the programs you want though.

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    my mate azad bought the cd Of Windows 2003 server. which cost him less than a doller. like 70 cents. well we are living in south east asia. Music to softz or DVDs are very cheap here. speacially where i am living now. its Bangladesh and shit man this place is full of pirated shits. DVDs are as less as 1-3 dollers, CDs are Less then 1 doller. Softz are 1 or less than one doller. wtf get as much as you can. i got everything here like ps2 games to everything. but its not original so who cares. you'll get origianls when u are rich.
    if anyone need windows 2003 server serial PM me. B)


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