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Thread: Need for speed carbon: help

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    So I'm doing my first canyon race against the first boss and I'm encountering some problems.

    The first time I ran off the edge, my bad. The second time..I took a corner and all the sudden the race stopped and said I lost.

    I just did it again, made it all the way to the end and when I got there it said I lost..but when It went to the score said we both had 0 points..even though when I did my run it said I had 108,000.

    Am I not getting something?

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    Uhhh ok... The thing about the canyon races is there are two runs. The first time you follow your opponent and try to rack up as many points as possible.
    On the second run, your opponent follows you, and the closer they follow you your points get deducted. If your score reaches 0, before or when you cross the finish line your opponent wins.

    There is also the situation where you pass your oponent or get a certain distance away from him. During his lead, if you pass him and maintain the lead you automatically win without even having to do the second run. Or if you get a big lead on your oponent, the countdown starts and if you keep the distance for 10 seconds, you automatically win too.

    Hope this cleared up any problems or questions you were having.
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