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Thread: Lookin For A Prog Please Help..

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    i am looking for a program to hang up your dial-up interent connection at a certain time. anyone know one? please help.

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    A_Shutdown 3.3.3
    OS: Win (All)
    File Size: 898.44 Kb
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    A_Shutdown gives you an easy and thorough time controlled and automatic way to shutdown, restart or log off your system with optional power off and shutdown forcing (no questioning). A countdown counter enables to cancel the system shutdown within a time period of 10 seconds. It has also a built in alarm clock function. Optionally, it will protect the computer while you are absent. You can also launch a program before shutdown. All actions together with time and userID will be stored in a log file. Synchronization from your system clock to the exact time using the Internet can be done manually or automatically.

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    is that from k-lite, or what?

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    No, i founded on edownloads


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