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Thread: Video Out Card

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    I've got an older PC no AGP slot and not worth spending much on the only upgrades left would be an expensive video card or new cpu (667 to 1 gig celeron or p3) not realy worthwhile better to save my money for a P4. Any how I bought an older video card (used Ati 15$ can.) with video out .I now have dual video cards. I had to install the ati in posistion 1 and my tnt in posistion 2 for it to work.When it boots up it reads the ati card first(if you switch video outs you see this then it jumps to the tnt card that I have set as my primary display) When I want to watch a movie I just set the ATI card as the Primary and let the movie roll. Ps this should only be used for cheap people like me..I used to convert lots of movies now I only convert the ones for the kids. Hope this idea can be of use to someone it made me very happy B)

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    wait for the pc

    go AMD!

    i have a P4 1,7, and a AMD XP 1600+ (1,4 mhz), the amd was half the price with a 5,2rpm hd 512 ddr it runs alot faster than p4 with 512 ddr and a 7,2 rpm hd... (1st tip)

    Second: keep track of nvidia video cards (allways good) and find a ati ( ) card with same specs (cheaper sometimes).

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    If your system is that old why not just upgrade the motherboard and cpu before you try to nickle and dime your way to good graphics capabilities through video cards. You can get the ECS K7S5A PRO motherboard for about $50 here, and an AMD Athlon XP 1700+ Thoroughbred /266 FSB here at the same site for only $44. If you need more ram you can get 512mb ddr 2100 there for like $30. Seeing as how you already have the graphics cards I won't suggest any but I have one they still sell from there that's kinda generic but has 64mb and has functioned phenominally for the $24 !! I paid for it. Even if you just go with the mobo and cpu, for $90 it will scream compared to what you are running now and that's a pretty damn good deal. It's worth it to upgrade your mobo just to get the agp slot and increase the bus speed. Good luck

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    A rough estimate of around 400 Canadien peso's .I would also need a new power supply and case .hmm feed my kids for a week or new comp I would like the comp but the master of the house(wife) says otherwise .Oh well at least I talked her into hispeed cable and I can watch movies on the tv without converting to vcd.


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