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Thread: Some good info on PeerGuardian

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    I had put this in another thread but i didn't feel like anyone was seeing it in there and i really think that this should be seen.This is some great info i got off of the revolutiontt forums and even if it can help just a few people not get in trouble then i guess its worth it.I dont really expect you guys to read all of this but I did and think its well worth it.Good luck Thanks to barrygood whoever you are for writing this so i could copy and paste it.

    This complete list can be found at:

    PeerGuardian 2 users... You are urged to make sure your PeerGuardian 2 is updated with all of their "blocklists" (there are 20 lists). If your PeerGuardian 2 shows that you have 6 List - 6 Lists Up To Date(default list) then you need to add the other 14 lists to it. Your list should be blocking at least 20 lists.

    You can get PeerGuardian 2 by going here:

    Although this list has been broken down for the PeerGuardian 2 users. You can also visit and download the Blocklist Manager, which has all of the lists listed here, plus others.. that aren't mentioned here.

    To add these lists to your PeerGuardian 2, (and you should add them after reading this).. simply do this:

    With PeerGuardian 2 already open

    Click on the List Manager button
    Then click on the Add button
    Then click on the Add URL radio button, then using the drop-down list, and select the list you want to use... I suggest you add them all to your "Blocked" list. At least 6 of them are already loaded in your PeerGuardian 2. In the description area, give it a name that you can identify when PeerGuardian blocks from that list. I simply used the names of the file itself as the description. Example:
    level1 list.... my description is Level 1
    bogon list... my description is Bogon
    trojan list... my description is Trojan
    and so on.....

    After you do the above, click the Update button, and it will update your PeerGuardian 2 with the lists.

    Below is a description of the lists, and why you should load them into your PeerGuardian 2.

    This list blocks known anti-p2p companies / p2p trackers like Mediasentry , Mediaforce , and known fake p2p file sources from companies like Overpeer. The list also contains all known Government / Military / Science / Research Labs and Bad Education facilities IP addresses collected by the Bluetack Team. Basically this list will block all kinds of internet connections that most people would rather not have during their internet travels.

    For more information on this list check the Anti-P2P research section here:

    # PLEASE NOTE #The Level.txt list is recommended for general P2P users , but it all comes down to your personal choice.
    Have a look through each of the lists and decide if you want to use them or not, please do not blame us if something is blocked , because we probably will not remove any of the ranges from any of the lists unless it is a major mistake or causes severe problems.

    The level 2 Corp blocklist includes banks , financial institutions , Corporations etc.

    This list is a compilation of known malicious "SPYWARE" and "ADWARE" IP Address ranges.

    It is compiled from various sources, including other available Spyware Blacklists, HOSTS files , from research found at many of the top Anti-Spyware forums and the logs of Spyware victims, and also from the Malware research section here at Bluetack.

    For more information on this list check here:

    DShield Recommended List
    This list contains known Hackers and such people in it.

    Microsoft List
    This list covers all the known Microsoft Corp and all their known associated IP ranges from around the world.

    Ad - Tracking Sites

    This list is constructed to block connections from advertising / marketing research data tracking sites, bad pop-ups .

    For more information, check the research section here:

    Educational Institution Ranges / EDUS
    This list contains all known Educational institutions / University IP ranges.

    This list has been compiled from firewall logs recording intrusion attempts on known and common Trojan ports. Trojan / spyware hijacks from websites are added to the Spyware hijack list.

    Automated software programs knows as spiders or bots, survey the Web and build their databases for search engines and some are used to track people down to automatically serve them with copyright violation notices. .(barrygood).. That blew me away to know that.

    This list was intended to be used by webmasters to block hostile spiders from their sites.
    Note: Google and other Search engines are blocked by this list.

    For more information on this list go here:

    Master Exclusions
    This is a list of websites and other IP's we do not recommend you block.

    Range Testing
    This list contains addresses of suspicious IP's that are under investigation. If you get a hit from one of the addresses in this list, report it to the Range Testing Reports section of the Forums below:

    IANA - Bogon - Hijacked - Blackists
    Information on what these lists contain and their pupose:

    IANA Multicast List
    IANA Private List
    IANA Reserved List
    Bogon List
    Hijacked List
    Non-LAN List

    Below is a short description of what is in this list:

    Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) List:

    These are the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority lists. They are for reserved listings and IP addresses that are supposedly not in use as of yet. This list (IANA Private) and possibly the other IANA lists contain IP Ranges that will conflict with your connection if you are one a home network or a company network. You should add the IP's or Ranges that your network uses to your Exclusions list in the Blocklist Manager.

    For more information on IANA go here:

    Another important post for information on common IP ranges you may have trouble with and need to unblock to prevent internet connection issues

    Bogon List: ...... (barrygood) I get hit by this alot

    This list is automatically generated daily from a list published at:

    What is a bogon and why should it be blocked?


    "Bogons is the name used to describe IP blocks not allocated by IANA and RIRs to ISPs and organizations plus all other IP blocks that are reserved for private or special use by RFCs (the actual term "bogons" comes from word "bogus", as in bogus IP announcements). As these IP blocks are not allocated or specially reserved, such IP blocks should not be routable and used on the internet, however some of these IP blocks do appear on the net primarily used by those individuals and organizations that are often specifically trying to avoid being identified and are often involved in such activities as DoS attacks, email abuse, hacking and other security problems. These activities obviously pose great danger to everyone and ISPs should try to filter all these bad IP routes and we are trying to help in that by working to create complete detailed list of unassigned bogon ips based on whois data."

    In other words, if you get hit by an IP address from this range, then they have spoofed their IP address and they, most likely, are trying to do something untoward.

    Hijacked List:
    This list is automatically updated from:

    What is a Hijacked IP Block and why would I want to block it?


    ""Hijacked IP space" are IP blocks that are being used without permission by organizations that have no relation to original organization (or its legal successor) that received the IP block. In essence it's stealing of somebody else's IP resources."

    These ranges are being used illegally and are most likely being used for illegal activities. They should not be being used and should therefore be blocked.

    Non-LAN List:

    This list blocks LAN [Local Area Network] IP ranges.
    It is only recommended for use by people that do not have home networks and want to block the IANA Private address ranges which should not be used on the internet.

    This is a list of people who have been
    reported for bad deeds in p2p. Having
    files that contain viruses and many other
    things. You can get the list here:

    There are other lists in which a person can load and use, but this list is for those that are using PeerGuardian 2, because they're listed in the program for you. PLEASE USE THEM.

    If you want to use more list than mentioned here, you can go to and download them into your PeerGuardin 2 AND you can also get the Blocklist Manager from their web site. It's FREE.

    Be safe and protect your Internet privacy.

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    in all honesty, if ur using peerguardian simply to protect u for filesharing, then the p2p blocklist is enough.
    the ad/spyware and other such lists are for the http block, which i recommend disabling (again, only if ur using it for filesharing).

    other than that, i think thats a very informative post, and will help alot of ppl.

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    will this work with azureus

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    Yes it works with any type of filesharing.Nothing is a guarantee of course but its good to know your at least trying to stop people from spying on you.
    Last edited by deuce6000; 11-15-2006 at 09:40 PM.

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    I have every list loaded and blocked save for Microsoft (it's nearly impossible to get msn messenger working otherwise). Aside from the need to allow things for 15 minutes to an hour, most sites I visit have no problems loading. I'm a security freak so I'm willing to sacrifice a few seconds of lost time when I need to manually allow things to pass on through. One can never be to safe online, IMO.

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    Use it!! It works fine

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    Blocklist only -> No cheat! Works fine, last ubdate 1 Jully 2006 My PG works fine with this list from Blueteck.

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    peer gaurdian + blocklist manager works gr8
    no need to worry....

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