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Thread: Goog Quality Transformers Episodes Please

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    I'm looking for good quality episodes of the original Tranformers series 9not armada).
    I'm looking for series 2 and 3,the only files I've found so far aren't very good quality.
    Also, spiderman and Thundercats would be cool aswell.
    P.S Does anyone know whee to get teh 80s film called crossroads with thekarate kid guy in it who plays guitar? (not a porn film or the new britney spears film)

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    I used to have all the transformers episodes, but deleted them after watching the lot.

    it's easy to find tho - just go to and search for "transformers episode guide", and then you'll get the name of each episode.

    just search for the episode names with kazaa, and you'll find them. I found all mine with kazaa, I think, or 2-3 with emule. Easy peasy mate

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    I've been looking for the same stuff as you mrsambo. I bought The Transformers DVD of series one awhile a go and loved it. I managed to find all 4 episodes of The Rebirth in one file on Kazaa, it was pretty popular.

    Anway, if you manage to find anything, post the hashes!

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    Thanks for replying.
    I wish there was some where I could DL DVD rips of series 2 (I bought teh series 1 deluxe box set here in the U.k and don't wan't to buy the U.S series 2 sets).
    All the downoads I've found are prety poor quality.
    Cheers though.


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