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Thread: Home Networking

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    Feb 2003
    I ve just aquired a 4.5 dsl connection for free,and i allready have
    high speed cable which I am going to keep.

    I allready have a network at home w/ 2 computers ,that each have
    2 network adapters.
    The only use i can find for all this is to have Kazaa lite ,direct connect and or other p2p programs downloading movies.

    Its not so much a problem as what to do with it all without wasting it.
    Im just looking for great ideas and suggestion to really take advantage of it.
    Or a better way to set it all up . from networking ,to maximun preformance.

    Any and all suggetions would be cool,thanks

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    u would have to get a realy good router and set it up for load balancing to use both connects at the same time with all ur apps

    u could set up a proxy server to use 1 connection for kazaa and the other connection for the rest of ur apps

    or u could even set one connection up on 1 comp and the other connection on the other comp

    and whats a 4.5 dsl connection? are u refering to speed? if so 4.5 what?

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    Feb 2003
    How do you set up laod balancing ?
    I currrenty have it all set as a proxy server ,but I would like to try other options to find out what is the best

    4.5mbit or like 4500kbps give or take some.
    I had to test it myself when a friend of mine told me how fast the connection would be.Very fast but all that speed oes to waste for what im currently using it for.
    Thats why i wanted some helpful suggestions .So how do you set up laod balancing ?

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    to set up load balancing u got to have a router that will take both connections

    or a good router that will take at least 2 out bound wan connection via ether net connection and pulg ur current routers or modems in to it these type routers are vary expensive

    u could al so use a seprat comp and install 3 ether net cards in it hook 1 card to each connection and have the 3rd go to a hub that ur other 2 comps are connected to xp and linux will do load balancing for u automaticly in this instance. this is basicy useing a comp as a router. it dosent have to be a good comp any cheep comp will do. may be an old 486 or pentium 1 and once its set up u dont even need to keep a monitor hooked up to it

    ether way doing it with a good router or a sepert comp its expencive to set up and u would have to be good at networking

    i have a simeler set up here at home 1 dsl connect for i net and another isdn connection for work i just set up my host file to to use the isdn connection for any thing that gos to my works ip but this wont work if u want both connect to go to the inet

    ur cheapest way out is to set up a proxy to use kazaa(and all ur othe p2p programes) one one connection and every thing else on the other slower connection

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    Feb 2003
    That sounds easy enough ,Ill just hook it through my old p3 450 .
    But ill have to get some more network cards .

    thanks again QuietSilence!

    Anybody else ?.......
    dosent any one know anything about networking that could help ?

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    Feb 2003
    Yo man nobody 's got any good ideas except QuietSilence, just your run of the mill normal config.
    Wheres the experts on the subject ?


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