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Thread: Enter The Matrix Burning Problem

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    i just got CD1 off bittorrent (after downloaidng over a day&#33 and i just burned the bin and it only burns 22%! can anyone help

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    download cdmage, check for errors and repair where necesary

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    wasnt corrupt or anything

    btw thx for letttn me use your FTP

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    Try using Alcohol 120%. It lets you load a CD image file and turn it into a virtual CDROM drive. You can have a drive for each of the CDs. Thats what Im going to do whenever it finishes.

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    beside that place.
    Alchohol is a sweet prog..

    especially if you don't have a burner like me! hehe.. Wouldn''t have been able to play Vice City all day without it!

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    i might try doing that but 2 many damn programs.. huts mah head hehe. what im gonna try next is converting it into an iso and see what happens there last time i did that something burned right


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