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    im gonna do my first PS2 game, and im a bit confused...can someone pls help me out? what is a mod chip, i understand that i need 1 to play

    is the mod chip something that goes on a PS2, or what?
    or do i have 2 buy a whole new PS2?

    where can i get a PS2 mod chip?

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    1,294 <there try that it will answer your question.

    aint it amaziing how intelligent ppl are these&#39;s days

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    I explained this in the pinned ps2 game burning thread above. But, what the hell, I&#39;ll just copy and paste for your convenience. Note that this is a VERY basic explanation, left out all the hoo and hahs and all the bombasticity.

    a MODCHIP allows your gaming console, either PS2 or XBOX to be able to play games from other countries/regions in both the NTSC and PAL format or whatever other format there is&nbsp; . EG, a PS2 console in Australia only plays PAL games, mod it with a Messiah 2 Mod chip, now you can play NTSC games, eg from Japan (NTSC/JAP) with no problems.

    The more distinct feature is letting you play Rips or Burnt DVD-Rs, CD-Rs. The Modchips modifies your console so that it bypass the "authentication" feature in checking a DVD-R, CD-R whether it is genuine or not. It cost about 50 US dollars or so, for a decent mod chip. I&#39;m using a messiah 2 I bought at 150bucks Aus dollars.

    Although be forewarned that if you MOD the console before it&#39;s warranty period ends, you void it. AND some modchips readily screws up...I hard to change my motherboard for my PS2 once, so take care.&nbsp;
    Hope that helps.


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