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Thread: how to file transfer with ethernet?

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    I'm not sure this is the place but how can i file-transfer between two pcs using ethernet cable and a router?Thanks for the answers.

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    setup a network share. in xp there is a wizard to help you do it in the control panel called network setup wizard.

    just make sure the 2 pc's have the same workgroup name and you are sharing at least one folder.

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    You can alternatively connect to each computer by typing it's network address into the Run command box under the start menu.

    For example. my fileserver is set to the network IP

    So after setting this as shared on the fileserver, I connect to it by using the command:


    This brings up every shared folder, document, and printer on the other fileserver.

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    i had alil trouble doin this too. make sure you ping each comp from the other. you'll both comps on and need both ip's. to find em....

    start>run-type in "cmd">(alil black box will open) type "ipconfig"
    write down both ip's

    then..... start>run- type in ping_ip address(of the other comp)

    do this for both comps, if you dont get a reply check your router/network settings

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    Damnatory if you do the cmd without the ping you can see all files?

    O yea whats the ether net for? you dont have wireless?

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    You can connect two computers directly via a crossover cable. I've never had it go particularly mindblowingly fast, though.

    4play, your sig is probably one of the hottest things I've ever seen.

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    lol@eac she can play wit my joystick netime
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    I figure it out thanks for the answers.


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