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Thread: PHP CMS's

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    What are your favorite CMS's?

    I'm looking for one that would basically be a website with numerous pages on it, with a variety of usergroups that are able to edit certain pages. Sort of like a wiki, but where only certain usergroups are able to edit certain pages. It would also need a calendar, editable by all the users. Any tips? I feel ike there are enough mods for php-nuke that I could probably run that, but I want to make sure there isn't a more secure solution first.


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    plenty there.
    drupal is my fav

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4play View Post

    plenty there.
    drupal is my fav
    I had been looking at those f or the past week or so, trying to figure which is the nicest. It's a useful site.

    Again, my deepest compliments to your sig. I had seen the classic super nintendo girl but never this one.


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    Drupal is the way to go for customisation but it takes awhile to learn and get use to. try for a feel of the diffrent CMS to choose your final solution.


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