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    The Magus by John Fowles is one of the greatest works of fiction I have ever read. It was published in 1965, and I don't even know how I came to read it. I'd never heard of it, and I think I saw it for like 50 cents at a book sale, and thought it looked interesting. Amazingly deep and twisted book. Curious if anyone has read any of his many other novels.

    Book Description
    The Magus was originally published in 1965 and reissued in a revised version twelve years later. The story of Nicholas Urfe and his friendship with a demonic millionaire which leads to an elaborate series of staged hallucinations, riddles, and psychological traps, The Magus endures as the most enigmatic and magical novel in the Fowles canon, a work rich in symbols, conundrums, and labyrinthine twists of events. This Modern Library edition includes a new introduction by the author.

    Book Description
    A man trapped in a millionare's deadly game of political and sexual betrayal.
    Filled with shocks and chilling surprises, The Magus is a masterwork of contemporary literature. In it, a young Englishman, Nicholas Urfe, accepts a teaching position on a Greek island where his friendship with the owner of the islands most magnificent estate leads him into a nightmare. As reality and fantasy are deliberately confused by staged deaths, erotic encounters, and terrifying violence, Urfe becomes a desperate man fighting for his sanity and his life. A work rich with symbols, conundrums and labrinthine twists of event, The Magus is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining, a work that ranks with the best novels of modern times.

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    No one has read this! Unbelievable.

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    read the magus years ago and seem to remember it as a very enjoyable although ultimately disturbing read. also read the collector, i think also by fowles at about the same time...

    there you go tianup...someone else who has read it


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    wow sounds like my thing reading what u have put there might try and find this book

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    it sounds like this is where they got some of the story line for that michael douglas film back in 1997 - The Game or something.

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    I've read the magus

    it is a great book rich and dence [but not too dence like umberto eco]
    very mysterious and kind of intoxicating

    i've also read the collector which is kinda more disturbing but not as interesting as the magus
    thanx for the link tianup, i never knew the translation at the end

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    Yay! I didn't imagine it all! Cool that everyone who read it enjoyed - can't see how anyone wouldn't.

    @ botts - I fould it ultimately disturbing as well.

    @ adthomp - definitely worth reading - you'll love it.

    @ the_faceman - I think The Game certainly borrowed (stole?) some of the content from The Magus, even some of the names are the same.

    @ echidna - I found it somewhat intoxicating as well - good description. I remember always feeling like I'd just woken up from an intense dream whenever I put that book down.

    I will check out The Collector as well.


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