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Thread: questions about tracker stats

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    what is the difference between number of peers on a tracker and the number of users on a tracker?

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    "users" is the actual number of members while "peers" is the total number of connections i.e. seeds/leechers e.g. 2 users seeding(or leeching) 5 torrents each = 2 users and 10 peers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wikipedia
    A peer is one instance of a BitTorrent client running on a computer on the Internet to which other clients connect and transfer data. Usually a peer does not have the complete file, but only parts of it. However, in the colloquial definition, "peer" can be used to refer to any participant in the swarm (in this case, it's synonymous with "client").

    Registered users 12000/12000
    Unconfirmed users 51
    Torrents 7277
    New Torrents Today 52
    Peers 59266
    Unconnectable Peers 8908
    Unconnectables ratio 15%
    Seeders 54557
    Leechers 4709
    Seeder/leecher ratio 1159%
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    it makes perfect sense the number of peers on a tracker is how many torrents a user has open for all users.

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    a user is shown as so many peers as the number of torrents he's seeding/leeching, thats why the peer nr. is almost always higher than the user no. (without the need of all users to be peers)


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