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    need a name of a player to play xvid movies.

    thank you

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    Originally posted by tom111@13 May 2003 - 00:59
    need a name of a player to play xvid movies.

    thank you
    OMGAWD! ok so I shouldn't be soo uuum what's the word? arse....but here i go considering I asked these same noob questions before..uum you can play xvid movies on windows media player, BsPlayer, vls, and can't use my brain right now to list the others. What im trying to inform u about is that all you need to do is download the xvid codec which u can get off kazaalite...or just go to the KazaaLite website and download the K-Lite codecs Pack..has every codec to play any kind of movie!.

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    The man speaks truth. Any media player that will play .avi files can play an XviD file, so long as you have the codec. You can get it from the K-Lite codec pack that newcster68 just posted, or you can go to, go to software, and get the Nimo Codec Pack, or you can just get the standalone XviD Codec at the same site.


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