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Thread: Update: China Lifts Ban on Wikipedia, For a Few Days

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    The Chinese-language version of Wikipedia was once again live for Chinese users, for a little while

    Popular online encyclopedia web site Wikipedia has been unblocked in China after being banned more than a year. For a short time at least,, the Chinese-language version of Wikipedia, became fully accessible to users.

    Until its ban in late 2005, Wikipedia continued to gain popularity in the nation which has strict laws in place on Internet use. The Chinese government gave users access to the English version of Wikipedia almost a month ago. Even with the site once again being allowed, keyword filters blocking specific events such as the Falun Gong movement and Tinanmen Square massacre will remain in place on Wikipedia.

    Even though the ban has been in place for over a year, small numbers of Chinese Internet users were using server proxies to get around the ban. However, it appeared that most users simply just didn't access the site.

    Reporters Without Borders, an organization aimed at protecting the freedom of press around the world, praised Wikipedia executives for never giving into self-censorship while trying to operate in China. Other companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have all created new policies that censor material to allow them to operate in the competitive Chinese market.

    Unfortunately, according to internet users inside China, the Great Firewall has apparently locked out Wikipedia yet again. Reports indicate that proxies still seem to circumnavigate The Wall to some extent, but it also appears that the Chinese Foreign Ministry is being tight-lipped as to whether or not the ban is even in place.

    I think Mao would turn in his grave if he heard this. which is a good sign China are moving in the right direction. I hope they get rid of that single party Regime

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    That's sad glad I'm on this side of the world , they remind me of a billion little worker bees or ants happily going about their business not knowing .


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