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Thread: Is the web going mobile at last?

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    At long last the web has become truly mobile, promises 3G network operator 3 with its new X-Series of mobile phones. But is this yet more hype or a consumer dream come true?

    Boring meeting, endless wait for the train? Whip out your mobile phone and watch a film that's coming in on your Freeview or Sky box at home - or even one that's on the hard drive of your personal video recorder.

    Want to listen to good music, or show off pictures of your last holiday? Take your mobile and download a podcast or check out everything that's on your computer at home.

    Never miss a beat on eBay auctions any more - just bid on the move. Oh, and don't bother with pub quizzes. The guys at the next table may use an X-Series telephone to access Google or Yahoo at broadband speed.

    watch: How television can be accessed on your mobile

    finally no more overpriced tariffs.


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    Yeah my girlfriend is a Cingular sales rep, and she's been bring some of the 3G phones home lately to learn all about them before the public launch. It's pretty awesome, they stream entire TV episodes. About as fast as low end DSL connections do.


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