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Thread: Create Your Own Game!

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    Share your Wild and Creative Concepts here.

    What is that game you dream about?...

    or which game would you modify if you were a designer?

    In the near Future, what games do you think will become a reality?

    or maybe even Consoles, how would you design it?

    just share your idea, maybe we can all together improvise on it.

    my ideas are:

    i want to love to see a game where you can use a camera to record all your actual environment(there are a lot of softwares that can create 3d maps from 2-3 different views) and later construct a counterstrike type of map for single shooter game...the added advantage is that you will really feel and know the environment.

    console should be able to identify fingerprints so that it automatically loads user profile it's your turn..let the fun begin!
    sharing is fun

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    the suburbs. honestment
    i want an mmofps based in some eastern european scrubber country. the vehicles would all be civilian and indestructable, they could be worn down to an immobile chasis but repaired also. screen caps and video encoders would be disabled so only stuff taken with in game cameras, equipped like weapons can take the photos that appear in the wiki newspaper thingy at the homepage.

    don't steal my idea plz

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    hahah probably a simple game like super mario with all guns and sh*t, i kno theres one on the net but it aint like wat im thinkin about hahahahah


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