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Thread: Keeping P2p Legal

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    Here's a hint on how to keep p2p legal forever.

    If every p2p user had at least ONE shareware or freeware program in their shared folder, it would help to keep p2p nets legal.

    As per a recent ruling that went against the RIAA, the presiding judge cited case law (in this case, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, i.e., MPAA v. Sony Corp) that while p2p nets MAY be used for illegal purposes, they can also be used for legal and legitimate purposes.

    Having freeware and shareware available would bolster this argument in any future court cases.

    This is something that every p2p user can do to stop the RIAA and MPAA from stopping the p2p nets.

    Do it!

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    I don't think they would actually survey this and bring it in front of of a court, though I have plenty of the like at the momment. Besides, KaZaa (Sharman) has ventured into other avenues, intentionally I believe, that would support this theory for future court cases.


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