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Thread: Re: several trackers with invites to "my reply to syD"

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    as the thread close whileI am writing my reply , I decided to open another topic for reply

    Quote Originally Posted by syD View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by saif_amr View Post
    no one recommend this guy or trade with him before so take care
    I am a little bit suspicious about him
    erm... just because we have a list on the site with good traders and he's not on it, does it mean he's suspicious? you are so unbelievably shallow.

    next time i suggest you refrain your thoughts and stop making unfounded accusations, just because you made a lot of trades and got a lot of good votes doesnt make you better than him with no votes. Any trader here is imo a good trader until proven otherwise.
    I never believed in "the trusted trader" list or the other "What Invites Are Worth "thread , I only have faith on my mind to distinguish the bad from the good or to know how much the invite valuable and what it worth
    I said so to tell people that have faith in this list to take care

    I don't through accusation with out a clue, but I just want to gave others a warning and at the same time give him a chance to make a fair trade
    I am not 16 y old kid like to show off or happy with +ve vote I earned

    ok here you go , this guy"r0uJe" send me a scammer style pm after a whole month from the date he start a thread here for trade and I forget that I already pm him( normally thread still active for a week at max. so this my reply on his thread ( this thread seems to be deleted by mod.)

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    I totally agree with you. A "trusted trader" is not necessarily someone who gives out TL & TD invites for free. To me you have to prove yourself before you can be deemed trustworthy.

    Anyone with any sense will make their own mind up. Its not being shallow as syD calls it, it's just being cautious for your own self-preservation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saif_amr
    I never believed in "the trusted trader" list or the other "What Invites Are Worth "thread
    there is really no point to those threads


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