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Thread: A trade?

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    Willing to trade my torrentdamage account for a torrentleach..byte or anything else similar account? What is the ranking exactly for the top 5 most popular private torrent sites?

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    pm me your mail for a TL invite

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    thank you PECI!
    Also I got this other e-mail :
    You have been invited to Devil Torrents by sjg1983. They have
    specified this address (xxxxxxxx) as your email. If you do not
    know this person, please ignore this email. Please do not reply.

    I am inviting you to join Devil Torrents. This is a private community which has
    very knowledgable members. If you are interested in joining the community please
    read over the rules and confirm the invite.

    This is a private site and you must agree to the rules before you can enter:

    To confirm your invitation, you have to follow this link:

    After you do this, you will be able to use your new account. If you fail to
    do this, your account will be deleted within a few days. We urge you to read
    the RULES and FAQ before you start using Devil Torrents.

    sjg1983 sent me this shady e-mail. But none of the links worked and it didn't seem very legit
    Is it a scam?

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    don't paste it here.


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