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Thread: Enter The Matrix

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    Here's a list of files I found while using the Search Function:
    Please help me verify them if you have already downloaded one of them and released they are fakes or whether they are real files. Ironically, the don't match the sizes of the dev-etmX.bin files posted by NotoriousBIC in the Verified Hashes section. This files are all .iso's. I have a bad feeling they may be fake, BUT if you can prove otherwise, this would be useful because there are many of this files being spread around Kazaa.
    Title: Enter the Matrix - CD1
    Filename: Enter the Matrix - CD1.iso
    Size: 726,232kb
    Title: Enter the Matrix - CD2 - Hacked
    Filename: Enter the Matrix - CD2 - Hacked!.iso
    Enter the Matrix - CD2 (crack).iso
    Enter the Matrix_2 part.iso
    Enter the Matrix - CDII - Hacked!.iso
    Size: 698, 880kb
    Title: Enter the Matrix - CD III
    Filename: Enter the Matrix - CD III.iso
    Size: 688,843kb

    Title: Enter the Matrix_CD3_FULL (many other aliases, please look at file size)
    Filename: [PC] Enter the Matrix.iso
    Enter the Matrix_CD3_FULL.iso
    Enter the Matrix-CD3_Cracked Version!.iso
    Enter the Matrix - CD3 - PC Game.iso
    Size: 698,880kb
    Title: Enter the Matrix_CD4_English
    Filename: Enter the Matrix_CD4_English.iso
    Enter the Matrix - CDIV - Hacked!.iso
    Enter the Matrix - CD4_(for win).iso
    Enter the Matrix - CD4(complete).iso
    Size: 516, 096kb

    Title: Enter the Matrix -CD4_en
    Filename: Enter the Matrix -CD4_en.iso
    Size: 539, 202kb

    I believe some of them are fakes. I think I saw a CD 2 and CD 3 that has the same size 698,880kb.
    The most common sized ETM files are 698,880kb so either one of them is fake, or if not, all fake.
    If you have downloaded this files and you KNOW what they really contain, please POST a reply.

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    more discussions on them here.

    Closing post to avoid numerous of the same requests.
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