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    I was wondering if i could get some help her pliiizz (a like me need help cheeses Christ )

    Oki... to the question

    • 1. How can i download an E-book free
    • 2. How can i read them (spes. program)
    • 3.Is it free ?
    • 4.What is the different between the book and the audio book

    I would be very pleased to get som answers on this...

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    Hope this is of some help, I had a bit of software Called read please and in the software was links to books, and lot's of them.
    The software has now been updated but it's still free @
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    1 do a search for auther name in kazaa
    note: kazaa dose not consider .txt or .lit type file to be a document

    2 it depends what format u get it in
    .lit = microsoft reader = free
    .pdf = adoby acrobat reader = free
    .txt = any word prossing program = free
    .rtf = any word prossing program = free
    .doc = MS word = a bunch of bucks but i thing there are a few progs to convert it too a diffrent formt and ther may be a free reader or 2

    3 see questin 2

    4 an ebook is in text and u read it and audio book is a recording of some one reading a real book


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