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Thread: easynews

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    I am not affiliated with them in any way, but I just love that site ...

    You don't need a news client to download binaries ....

    The best thing : The online search ... you type in what you are looking for, click the files you want, or the range :

    Then you can zip it and download a zipped file by port 80 or 81 . Of course you can upload NBZs too or create them etc. you can also online "par" - so it mean you click on Par Viewer, it checks all pars, creates the missing files and even unrars (like movies) so you only have to download the .avi etc.

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    I was with EN for nearly 2 years before deciding I liked the NNTP downloading better and it was more convenient. EN just does not cater for an NNTP customer their retention is awful.

    The web gateway does at least have around a month retention which is ok. EN are however good value especially for a beginner and have roll over gigs plus other ways to help your gig count. They also have a good search engine as stated above for subscribers last found on
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    I forgot about their web interface. Anyone that wants to try newsgroups might want to try Easynews since they can just use their web browser and don't have to learn to use any software.

    Just search with your browser like you would with google

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prevision View Post
    Just search with your browser like you would with google
    There are lots of sites which are able to do that ( for example)

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    They used to be one of the longest retention but expensive supplier but that was years ago, left them in the late 90's since more suppliers with better value are poping up here and there.


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