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    Last night my old faithful 17in monitor that I had come to know and love over the years blew up. Well kinda of, I hit the power button and moments later I hear crackeling sounds with flashes of light coming out of the side of it. I blew out the flame and like the flame my monitor was also extinguished.

    I need to get a new monitor. Right now I am writing this on a 19' color tv using the microsoft magnifying glass just so i can see what I am doing. Sad really.

    I am torn, between spending 50 dollars to pick up a used piece of crap 15"er to hold me over for a while. Or getting a cheap LCD monitor. Winbook (think) has 17inch flat screen monitor for around $330 dollars. Which in my mind is really cheap for a 17 inch monitor. Or a 15 inch one from around 200 dollars.

    My question is what things should I be looking out for in a LCD monitor? what is the minimum for a good resolution or pixel count. Although it sound like a little amount of money 2 or $300. If i do buy one of these (which were found on I will be stuck with it for the long haul, and won't be upgrading any time soon.

    So 50 dollars for a piece of crap that will tide me over for a year or so... or bit the bullet and get (possible a piece of crap) lcd monitor?

    thanks for any advice.

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    why bother getting an LCD? Unless you're stuck for space, there's not much point in getting one as CRT (ie normal) monitors are much cheaper and offer more flexibility in terms of resolution and refresh rates.
    If you had a 17" CRT monitor and were happy, get another!

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    I was happy with it, but the size and wieght of it was a real problem. It took up nearly all of my desk space.

    I guess my question is what are the down sides to LCD monitors?

    My 17in CRT looked great... but its size is a pain in the ass.
    I know that the LCD might not look as good, but unless there are major drawbacks for gaming and such I will probably get one.

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    LCD has "major drawbacks for gaming and such".

    Try playing a game on one before you buy it. I'll bet that after playing a fast game on one you won't buy it.

    You can get much better performance with a CRT for less money.


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