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    ive seen a few post about fixing audio sync using this "avi info".................tell me what is this thing, and where can i get it? - do i need to download it or is it part of kazza lite?

    yeah im probably a bit thik, but im after the animatrix files and cant find a source for the fixed one.
    Thought see how i got on fixing it meself.

    cheers for helpin

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    Here you go Peering Mate:
    That sit is great I ahve used the Esay divx to rip XxX Vinney at his best...
    But have not been able to get the avi info working yet as the 2nd disk was out of sink...
    hope you have a beet timw with it...
    I would dl Esat Divx took it clike got ot bed in the morning it riped a converted Nice.



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