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Thread: Question about invites for tvbz?

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    Hi there!
    Recently i came across this Tracker ( and i tried to create an account with them cause they are Seeding something there that i really need.
    The thing is that they send you to IRC for Invitations and inside their IRC Channel they send you to "" for Invitations.
    Once there they Ask you to "Answer the questionare for an invite", this is the original text from there:

    Answer the questionare for an invite. Send it to the channel 3 lines at a time in rapid secession (use notepad with wordwrap to judge what 3 lines are). Rapid secession means answering all 3 questions with no time lag NOT answering the first question then waiting 30 seconds to answer the second. Keep the format with the question numbers "#)" and "/" slashes. We not not accept Hotmail addresses do not give us one. Put some time into this we do not want to see the questions answered in 3 short lines. Before you answer the questionare make sure to change your nickname to something other than Guest. Do this by typing /nick NEWNICK

    1) First Name / Age / Location / Gender / 3 words that describe you.

    2) Reason for joining, personal goals... just introduce yourself. (Be honest, lengthy and detailed (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION).

    3) List all other torrent trackers you are a member of along with your Username and current ratios / Where EXACTLY you found out about the site (answer this in full detail!) / What is your download speed in kilobits per second / What is your upload speed in kilobits per second / Do you plan on participating in the Forums / Do you plan to hang out on IRC / Would you donate $ for new product groupbuys if one that you were interested in came along.

    My Question is:
    What do they exactly mean? I am no IRC expert to beginn and second i have no clue what a Notepad with wordwrap is?
    Do i have to copy/past that text to my Notepad and then fill out my Personals keeping that format they show?
    How do i exactly past this text to Mirc the way they want us to? By copy/past 3 lines at time?

    I will be thankfull for any Help you can give me!

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    Just some questions to get to know you and to see if you have good reason to join the community there ( not for collecting the sites or invites ). So just answer it in notepad and paste it to the irc, each line is the answer for each question and you should paste 3 times for 3 questions above.

    Notepad, you can find it in your OS. Just go to : Start/All programs/Accesseries/Notepad . Click to it, a window will appears and let you type in there. Now you can start type your ans for those questions.

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    Thanks Buddy!
    I did it exactly that way. Hope the take me in!


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