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Thread: Sony PSP Firmware 3.0 is Here

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    Sony released the 3.0 firmware for the Sony PSP in Japan for download.

    This firmware allows the PSP to interact closely with the Sony PS3. So for the lucky few who own a PS3 this update for the PSP is a must have.

    Besides being able to access the new Playstation Network and purchase PSP games and access the PS3, there are other smaller improvements of other features in this update.

    New improvements touch the RSS reader, the camera accessory is now supported, browser parental control (if I translated that right) and MP3 player got touched.
    Sony announced the 3.0 firmware a couple weeks ago. There is no word yet when the 3.0 firmware will be available in the US. I assume soon, as the PS3 is also available in the US.

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    i couldn't really care for it until they let me have a free ps1 game over the internets

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    do ppl still buy this product? better yet.. do ppl even play this thing? i mite get one if the price ever gets to $100. even then. meh, my ds ownz it!
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    Holy **** I think not its taken me more then 2 days to figure out how to get around 2.71 on a TA-082 psp ...I wouldn't upgrade unless they payed me ...I'm so close to being able to play an iso but not quite there


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