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Thread: HELP! poor download speeds?!

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    i am having problems downloading with torrents at speed, the maximum i seem to be getting on any torrent is 7kb/s. regardless of the seeder/leecher ratio. I recently upgraded my pc and thus installed windows on a new hdd. Before i upgraded i was getting the full speed of 2mb (around 230kb/s) and i wasnt connectable. I cant become connectable because i am living in halls of residence and i think there is a firewall somewhere down the line. (I have a LAN socket in my wall for internetl). I am using Sygate Personal Firewall with the same set-up as i had before, and as far as im concerned i have exactly the same software set up as before. Im using Bittornado, which i have never had a problem with.

    Could it be my LAN adapter drivers? It seems to be the only thing that i have changed. Im using a new MSI k9ngm motherboard which uses Nvidia network drivers (Nvidia C51G/C51PV chipset i think). I have also got a new program running through my firewall; NDIS user mode I/O driver?!

    I have checked all options regarding restricting speed and spent hours configuring my computer to try and get this working...please dont tell me to go to!!

    Any help appreciated

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    just the speed on torrents decreased or the overall speed? on http or ftp u still download with 2 mbps ??

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    its the speed of the actual torrents, my web browsing/file downloading speeds are normal. I am very familiar with the bittorent network and i know about seed/leech ratios so its not that.


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    If you are certain you should be downloading faster, its probably not, as you say problems with portforwarding. I can easily get the fastest downloads i can even if the port im using isnt open.

    So I'm guessing its something wrong with your hw.

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    Are you using public trackers? It is not uncommon to get low rates there, it is leecher's paradise. Try private trackers (if you have not already)

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    since you're using sygate, have you disabled the windows firewall?

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    Maybe your upload got capped and now they killed your speed until it resets.

    ALSO - try forcing encryption.


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