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Thread: Emule, Bittorrent Or Kazza?

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    , for what? They all have great benefits. It depends on what your primary use is.

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    well films and music really...
    im looking for speed availability and ease of use.


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    E mule is good. Do a search for "weedshop" and you'll find lots of educational documents on drugs.

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    I usually use Kazaalite for music and films, bittorrent for some of the newer things, and emule or shareaza for what I can't find on the others.

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    thanks very much Amadeus

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    Anytime B)

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    I use eMule the most for the big game files and movies, even tho it takes a while. KaZaa is superb for music. Bit Torrent is not really working for me, the conection is continuosly disabled, im not sure y. I think i would trust eMule the most because it's anti-corruption program is very good

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    I use all three! There is no law restricting you to just one.

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    lol, makes sense, yeah use all three and u'll run out of hard drive space in no time

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