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    My bit torrent seems to download to a certain point, then it just stops the download and continues to upload. I have tried bit torrent regular, client, and experimental. THis has happened on all three. When i used the experimental bit torrent it says that im connecting to peers on the top, but then on the bottom it says that im already connected to 44 peers. What the hell is going on?

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    yeh ive had the same problem mate mine stops at 99%, how slack is that,lol. well once its done that you wont get it to download again im afraid. ive trioed to download various files from Bit Torrent and i always get the same problem, i just stick with mIRC, but i cant stand the QUEUES!!

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    awww, crap. Thx for the help, i apreciate it, post if u find a way to fix the problem

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    It means that the people who you were downloading from, as well as the seeders have gone offline. You will still upload to other people who start the torrent, but none of them will have the pieces you are missing. Most BitTorrent pages have a section where you can request that a torrent file be reseeded.

    This is the problem with people clicking finish as soon as the file completes instead of leaving it open for a while... means other people can't finish it.


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