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Thread: Joe and the Motorcycle

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    Joe is buying a used motorcycle from his cousin. They go into his garage and the cousin unwraps the bike. It's in mint condition.

    "Wow", says Joe "How do you keep the bike looking so good all these years?"

    "Well" says his cousin "I rub this here vaseline all over the chrome before it rains and it keeps all the chrome from rusting. When it dries, I just wipe it off with a rag". He hands the jar of vaseline to Joe and says "I won't need this can have it."

    So Joe leaves riding off on his new bike. He picks up his fiancee. He's going to meet her partnets and have dinner at their house. As they're riding along, she says to Joe, "I have to warn you, my parents are a little weird."

    "Weird how?" he asks.

    "Well, we have some strange rules in my family. One of them is that there's no talking at dinner. Whoever talks first has to wash all the dirty dishes in the house."

    "OK whatever" Joe says.

    Sure enough, when they get to the house and step inside, there's dirty dishes stacked up all over the place. In the living room, in the den, some are even on the back porch and there's more in the yard. They sit down to eat and Joe, his fiancee and his future in-laws eat dinner in complete silence. Nobody says a word during the entire meal.

    At this point Joe is feeling a bit horny and figures if nobody is going to say anything, he'll just bang his fiancee right here at the dinner table. He gets to fucking her every which way possible right there in front of everyone and no one says a peep.

    Joe finishes, sits down and still everyone is silent. He looks over at the girl's mother and thinks to himself she looks pretty damn good for a middle-aged woman. He grabs her, lifts up her dress and bends her over the side of the dinner table. He starts pounding her as well. Still not a peep from the father...he's as stone faced as a cigar store Indian.

    As Joe is banging away on Mom, he suddenly realizes its starting to rain outside. He quickly pulls his hard-on out of the mother and grabs the vaseline from his pocket. Before he can zip up his pants and get out to the motorcycle the father jumps up and screams "OK! OK! OK! I'll do the fucking dishes!!!"

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    New one

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    old one

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpt_azad View Post
    old one
    But still very funny lol
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