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Thread: Sygate Security Hole

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    Originally posted by balamm@13 May 2003 - 23:44

    Check out the service bulletin below which I'm pretty sure no one else was aware of. (I'm running sygate pro 6 and this is still a problem)
    there is no Sygate pro 6,the latest is v5

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    Sygate ver 5 build 1175s that's right.
    I think the problem is inside not out, Get yourself Spyware Blaster 2 ver 2.5.3 And have a cleen up, Then you will see a nice Green line for good
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    You're talking desktop and I'm running server. Some differences there.
    No spyware on the server, the ntoskrnl is the heart of the system and it's in XP as well.


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