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Thread: Where To Get Original Mpegs?

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    Is there anywhere you can look, either a verifieds website, or other to where you can stand a good chance of finding the video files you are searching for in their original mpeg format? I find this to be of interest since no version of kazaa or kazaa lite offers the ability to search for a video file in just one file format, and in most cases the files you find are either in divx or xvid format. Divx is cool, but i've found that more often than not the people who do the divx encoding cut the framerate in half to save on file size. This isn't that bad in divx, but if you try to convert to vcd or svcd from divx with the framerate cut in half, the end result in video is pretty bad in quality. Likewise, it seems most video files I find on kazza-lite are encoded in the older divx 3 file format, and while this is still a good file format to use, it's been pretty proven that divx 5 offers a better ratio of quality to compression. However it make no sense to convert from divx 3 to divx 5 because your just going from one lossy codec to another and just end up with worse video quality than you started with. Anyone else have similar feelings or thoughts on this issue?

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    Original Mpegs are very rare, 'cause release groups only tend to release encoded films. Otherwise those mpegs would be huge and not easily distributed.

    I don't know what kinda films you d/l, but lately I only d/l (S)VCD's.
    Kazaa has some, but you'll have to search on the 'Everything' setting which is a pain in the butt.
    So I usually use Bittorrent and DC++ for those. I also hear that Emule is good for that.
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    Search newsgroups and IRC for the original mpg files straight from the rippers. Many of the files on Kazaa are in divx/xvid format to keep the file sizes down. IRC and newsgroups tend to get lots more cable users, so larger files are there for distribution.
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