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Thread: Help Making Own Svcd

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    I am new to the whole SVCD but I do know that the videos are damn good quality, I downloaded a regular porno and encoded it then made it SVCD however, the quality wasn't as good as I had expected. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn a regular video into SVCD quality. Thanks

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    your output quality (svcd) can only be as good as the input quality (.avi..etc.). as the old saying goes.....garbage in, garbage out. just thought id share this to help you out a little understanding the svcd conversion thing. as far as how-to's on thsi subject, visit there are alot of guides there about it.

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    Ah well *cough*pr0n*cough*

    Seriously, the quality of your final product is limited by the quality of the source. (can't make gold out of metal&#33
    So basically you will never turn VHS in SVCD quality.

    edit: dangit, must learn to type faster
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