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Thread: 100% guy does not upload!

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    This is getting rediculous, I started this file a week ago there's always been about 12 - 18 users online with 97.5% so getting to that figure is easy. And I can watch the avi with bits missing, but It'd be nice to have the 100%.

    There's this 100% guy in Australia who comes online late afternoon - 11pm my time each day, It takes ages to connect with him but once connected he only uploads 16kb - 1/64th of a megabyte, the pieces are in 1MB size into 64 sections and I get one section (16kb) from him all night, another section tomorrow night and so on, at this rate it will take 64 days to get a full piece (which will then be shared with others ofcourse).

    What on Earth is this guy playing at? he is listed as having a fast broadband connection. If I was this guy I would turn off all my other uploads/downloads and limit my connection to one upload slot, I would then give one of us the 2.5% that we need.
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    Welcome to public trackers, my friend.

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    he probably doesnt see it. and he probably has cable internet (high download speed, slow upload) or he limits his upload speed to public trackers so he can get better ratios where it counts (private trackers).

    Your best bet is to leave a comment where you got the torrent


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