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Thread: Xbox 360 Celebrates Birthday With $2,000,000 Theft

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    Among all the PS3 / Wii commotion this week, Microsoft quietly celebrated their next-generation console's first birthday, by offering their fans 360 reasons to love the Xbox 360. Well ok, so there are actually 372 reasons currently on that list, and just yesterday there were 371, so it looks like they're still coming up with reasons. But who counts, right?

    In turn, Microsoft also received a "gift" from a gang of die-hard fans (of Sony's most likely) from England, who hijacked a couple of transports estimated at 1,000,000 worth of Xbox 360 consoles. That's almost $2,000,000!

    The Staffordshire police reports that the latest robbery was carried out on Monday morning, by a group of organised thieves who managed to convince a lorry driver that something was caught under his wheels, and then upon exiting the vehicle beat him and left him on the roadside. After later dumping the lorry, the thieves took off with the 750,000 worth of Xbox 360 consoles, which, by CVG's rocket-science calculations, add up to just over 2,500 units. But fear not, they will surely experience major overheating problems if they try to play them all at once.

    This is the second such theft this month, because a trailer containing 260,000 worth of Xbox 360 consoles was also stolen a week ago, from a depot owned by the same company, Hellman Worldwide Logistics, curiously enough.

    The Staffordshire police made an appeal to the public, asking them to report if anyone offers them a shiny new console in suspicious circumstances, "such as in a pub, at a car boot sale or off the back of a lorry". Or, might I add, while waiting in line for Sony's PlayStation 3 next Spring.

    I'm sure that syndicate is freezing in a warehouse somewhere and robber1 says "we got away from those popo and bongos clean didn't we?" robber2 righto we did but man I'm freezing my balls off" robber1 replies "pop another xbox on"
    I'm imagining there's gonna be a wave of cheap xboxs on ebay.... bring it on Jonny Smith

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    Wowww thats a lot of money they are going to be making!!!!
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    damm thats a lot ov 360


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